Unwanted 21 Days

Contraception = Condoms or NOT? Defying some beliefs

Most women (and men) in India depend solely on condoms for pregnancy prevention. While they are the most popular form of conception, there are many myths surrounding this method. Check out to know some of the...

Unwanted pregnancy and how to deal with it

Flicking through your diary to find that Aunt Flo hasn’t visited in a while? Your periods are late, and you get into panic mode! Worried that an unplanned pregnancy might be on the way? Read on to find out the...

Is It Better To Switch To Regular Contraceptives From Emergency Contraceptives – A Case In Point

Most women are unaware of the differences between emergency pills and regular birth control pills. Here, in today’s guide, we explain both these pills, so that you can know when to use which. Very often, women...

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