Unwanted 21 Days

Birth Control Pills – Much more than a Pregnancy Control Pill

The birth control pill is one of the best ways to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Safe, highly effective and incredibly easy to use, it’s no wonder that the pill is the preferred contraceptive for millions of...

Contraceptive Counseling: Here’s why you should talk to your Gynaecologist before choosing a Birth Control Method

One of the most significant factors that has contributed significantly to a woman’s health is the widespread availability of effective, safe and affordable contraceptives. Today, a woman can choose from a...

Busted – The Top 5 Myths of Oral Birth Control Pills

Today, though women have better resources at hand and their knowledge about the working of birth control pills have increased significantly, many pill myths continue to exist and spread wings especially in the...

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College Days

Dear Diary, Today was such an eventful day! You know Preeti Didi? Our neighbour? A family came to see her today with a marriage proposal. And the guy and she liked each other! They wanted to take her with them right...

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