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5 Contraception Myths Debunked

Contraception is one of the most amazing advances in modern science. It helps women take control of their reproductive health, plan pregnancies and avoid other complications. Today, there are plenty of options available from pills, IUD and more, making it easy for a woman to find the best contraceptive method that works for her.

Sadly, birth control is still clouded by plenty of misinformation and myths. Here, we set the record straight on the top 5 contraceptive untruths.

Debunking the Top Contraception Myths:

Myth 1: The Withdrawal Method keeps you Safe from Getting Pregnant

This must be one of the most widespread myths. We guess this has to do with the sex education classes we had back in school. People believe that the moment of ejaculation is when the sperm is released causing the meeting of the sperm and egg. Thus, creating a new life.

While it may seem simple, the reality is far from that. Men often release small amounts of the fluid containing the sperm before they climax. While it’s true that withdrawing before the release of the sperm reduces your chances of getting pregnant, it doesn’t eliminate the possibilities 100%. For that, you need a birth control pill.

Speaking of pills, here’s the biggest of all birth control pill myths.

Myth 2: Birth Control Pills make you Fat

Wild speculations run amok stating that popping a birth control pill makes you pile on those extra kilos. Well, this one’s a bit convoluted. But, the underlying truth is that – you gain weight only when you eat more calories than you burn.

Hormones are indeed responsible for your metabolism and hunger levels. But, that doesn’t mean that being on a pill makes you gain weight.

Myth 3: Taking the Pill means you Cannot get Pregnant when you Want To

This one has been floating around for years. It’s totally baseless. In fact, the reality is that most women get pregnant as soon as they stop the pill. If this myth is true, then there wouldn’t be thousands of women who claim that they got pregnant because they forgot to resume the pill after the seven-day break at the end of the cycle.

Myth 4: Two Condoms make it all the more Safe

While it’s true that condoms are one of the easiest ways to safe sex, they aren’t 100% effective. And, by increasing the number of condoms, you double up the odds of having an accident. Two or more condoms rub against each other and are more likely to break than a single condom.

Myth 5: You have to take the Pill at the Same Time every day

This is one of those birth control myths that are no longer valid. This was true a few years back, during the time of progesterone only pills. But, today’s pills are far more advanced, and thus, this myth isn’t valid these days. So, even if you miss taking the pill as soon as you wake up, and pop it a couple of hours later, it will still work.

However, doctors recommend taking your birth control pill at the same time every day, so that you don’t end up forgetting to take one.

Final Thoughts: Contraception Pills are Safe

Deciding when to start a family is one of those decisions you cannot leave to fate. There are plenty of factors to consider like your career, age of elder kids, finances and more. So, stop believing these contraception myths and take control of your reproductive health, the right scientific way, free from falsehoods.


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