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Festival Romance: Advice For Newly Married Couple And Couple Romance Tips

5 Romantic Things Newly-Weds Can Do This Festive Season

While we believe that a newly-wed couple does not need any tips from us on ways to be romantic, we think that they could be too enamoured by each other to think straight! So, here we have listed five ways in which any newly-wed couples can turn their story into a festival romance and feel even closer to each other: 

Take a road trip

There is a different level of intimacy when you and your partner share the same small space for hours on end. No, we don’t mean just physical intimacy. When you are the only two around each other with limited distractions, you will effortlessly talk about more emotionally and spiritually intimate stuff.

Taking a road trip away from the city’s hustle and bustle and its boisterous festivities can also give you more time to spend with each other. You can include any hobbies or interests that you have into the road trip. If either of you likes hiking, you can drive to the beginning of a nature trail; if photography is your thing, stopping to capture the sunset can be a memorable thing to do as a couple.

Plan an indoor date

Want to experience the excitement of the festive season by staying home with your partner? You can do that and still manage to make it romantic. Make or order your partner’s favourite meal for dinner, play romantic music, put on soft lighting, and wear that outfit that gets you a compliment from them every single time.

Having some quality time with each other amidst the hectic festivities can keep the passion going! For the female, unless you are on Mankind’s Unwanted 21, regular oral contraceptive pill where you take the pill for 21 days followed by your period, make sure you or your partner is using some form of contraception! Or, if you are ready to have a baby, then maybe the joyous festive season is the best time to get in the mood.

Romantic photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a cliché. How about you do a festival-themed post-wedding photo shoot? With the Diwali lights in the background, or the Christmas tree illuminating the house, take some excellent shots with your partner. You can also take pictures of the two of you doing all things festive like putting up decorations together, cooking festive delicacies together, photos of you in your finest festive attires, and so much more!

Go wine tasting

Maybe you could combine a road trip with this idea and drive to a vineyard? Attend a wine & cheese event away from the city, and make some festive memories of your own. However, a word of advice for newly married couples, or any couple for that matter, you may get carried away with the delectable wines in you and forget to use protection or miss taking your oral contraceptives while on vacation-mode.

In case that happens, you can rely on Mankind’s Unwanted 72, Emergency Contraceptive Pills, which is India’s No.1 Emergency contraceptive pill. Take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and you won’t have to spend the rest of the festival season worrying about an unplanned pregnancy. 

Netflix and chill 

Order some pizza and wine, snuggle in with your partner and watch a marathon of romantic movies. A romantic night with your partner doesn’t have to be fancy. Just focus on having a good time, and if romance has to happen, it will.

Lastly, here is some relationship advice. Don’t be bogged down by conventional ideas of how you need to spend your honeymoon or post-wedding time; your life is your own. Do what you wish to do as a couple, but just remember to be safe!


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