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A Look at the Pros and Cons of Various Male Contraceptive Options Available Today

Even today, when women have an array of birth control options to choose from, men are limited only to two choices.

The most popular existing options available to men include:

  • Condoms and

  • Vasectomy

Condoms – The Basics

It’s a sheath that is applied over the penis during sex. It acts as a physical barrier and prevents the sperm from entering the vagina. It offers protection against STIs. This method is the most popular method of contraception.


  • Unlike popular belief, it’s not the most effective method to avoid pregnancy. Even among couples who use condoms regularly, the chances of pregnancy are as high as 18%*.

  • Since condoms cover the penis, it reduces sexual intimacy.

  • The act of unwrapping, applying and removing condoms could be a mood spoiler.

Vasectomy – the Basics

It’s a surgical procedure and is non-reversible. It’s a permanent method of birth control. Here, the surgeon severs the tubes from both testes. This ensures that the sperm cannot travel through the tubes during ejaculation.


  • It’s a surgical method that requires an in-hospital treatment and it could be pretty expensive.

  • It isn’t effective immediately after the procedure. The sperm has to be tested six weeks after the operation and the testing continues until the sperm count is reduced.

  • It’s one of the permanent male contraceptive methods. Though it can be reversed, the reversal procedure is complicated.

Upcoming Male Contraceptives:

Several male contraceptive methods are being tested. Here are some of the promising options:

Male birth control shots

This is a hormonal injection that helps in decreasing the sperm count. Though it has a success rate of 96%, the male birth control shot is still under research due to its high side effects.

Some of the drawbacks include Muscle pain, Acne, Mood swings, Depression and an increased sexual drive.

The Sperm Production Control Gel

A gel named Nestorone-Testosterone which contains the hormones progestin and testosterone, is under study. The gel when applied to the shoulders and arms daily, eliminates the gonadotropin hormone, which is responsible for testosterone production. By controlling testosterone levels, the sperm count gets reduced dramatically, thereby avoiding pregnancies.

Drawbacks: Low libido, ejaculation problems and more.

The Male Pill

A male birth control pill is in the works. It contains sperm suppressing hormones that prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Drawbacks: loss of libido, acne, depression and even liver inflammation in some cases.

A Non-surgical Reversible Vasectomy

It works just like a vasectomy but temporarily. When injected the polymer gel blocks sperm from reaching the testes. If a man wants to remove the gel, another injection helps to dissolve it.

Dry Orgasm Pill

This is another male oral contraceptive method. Also, known as the clean sheets pill is a fast-acting pill that temporarily shuts down the muscles that ejaculate semen. However, it doesn’t interfere with any other aspects of the intercourse like the orgasm. It’s a hormone-free pill.

Drawback: Since the use of this pill prevents ejaculation, it could lead to a feeling of incomplete intercourse.

Final Thoughts – Opt for Safe and Effective Female Birth Control Pills

A look at these male contraceptive options gives us a clear understanding of the drawbacks of each. Several of these methods are still under clinical study, and it could take years before they are available for commercial use. So, what’s the better option to avoid unexpected pregnancies or for planning a family? Enter female birth control pills – safe and effective to use; these are cost-effective and readily available.

The female pills available in the market today are free of side effects, thereby providing you with the best way to space out your pregnancies and plan your family, just the way you and your partner want it to be.

*Source for stats: https://www.malecontraceptive.org/existing/


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