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Avoid Unintended pregnancy during the Festive season

Avoid Unintended pregnancy during the Festive season

The festive season can get everyone’s emotions high. Whether it is the excitement about being able to spend more time with your partner at home or the eagerness of going on a holiday, it’s a fair assumption to think that the festivities are going to lead to more physical intimacy.

Being able to spend quality time together around the holidays is a great way to bond and increase all forms of intimacy. However, having fun and building deeper connections need not come at an unexpected cost. It can be easy to get carried away in the heat of passion and get pregnant. Even for the most reasonable and informed individuals, an unintended pregnancy can occur due to failed protection or forgetting to take the right contraception. Hence, here are some ways in which you can avoid an unintended pregnancy during the festive season:

  • Be aware of your contraception calendar

It is important to know whether your birth control method will stay effective through the holiday and festive season. If you are on the birth control pill such as Mankind’s Unwanted 21, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet, which needs to be taken once every day for 21 days, then ensure that you have enough of them with you because even if you skip one dose, it may render your whole birth control method ineffective.

If you use a vaginal ring or hormonal injection, make sure it will be effective through the festive period. The reason being that your regular healthcare worker may be unavailable during the festive season, or you may be away from home to get another shot or ring. Being aware of your contraception calendar will help you plan your pregnancy better.

  • Stock up on birth control or contraceptives

If you are headed out of town to spend the festive season, make sure you carry more than enough contraceptives with you. You may not know if there are enough chemists or family planning clinics in the area, and may not get the right contraception in the new place. The chances are that most places selling or offering contraceptives will be closed or open for limited hours a day.

In such cases, it may get difficult to get your hands on any form of protection that can help prevent pregnancy. It is better to be prepared and carry a stock of birth control or contraception options rather than risk sex, leading to an unintended pregnancy. Also, make sure that contraception has not expired or damaged in any way. Pack them in properly to avoid damaging it and rendering them ineffective. The good thing is, even if you have any extra stock left, you can bring it back home and use it for your romantic nights later.

  • Know your emergency options

It is unrealistic to think that sexually active individuals will always use protection or be on an effective birth control method. Apart from that, sometimes, protection can fail. In such a case, you need to be aware of the emergency contraception methods in case of unprotected sex. One such option is the Mankind’s Unwanted 72, Emergency Contraceptive Tablets, which is India’s No. 1 Emergency Contraceptive Tablet. The woman can take the pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Remember that the festive season is about making beautiful memories. As you enjoy every aspect of your life, get the peace of mind you need with the right contraception or birth control method.


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