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What is Family Planning? Benefits of Family Planning

Benefits of Contraception: Why is family planning essential?

According to the World Health Organisation, about 1.1 billion women of reproductive age require family planning. Thankfully, the past few decades have seen a significant shift in cultural and institutional attitudes towards family planning. Governments have initiated various nation-wide campaigns to create awareness of the importance of family planning and ways to go about it. Also, the growing awareness about the importance of contraception and the ready availability of contraceptives has made family planning easier.

What is Family Planning?

Family planning means controlling if, when, and how many children one wants. A major way in which this is done is through the use of contraception. So, why do we need family planning, and how does contraception help achieve family planning goals? Let’s take a look.

Ensure maternal and baby’s health

Family planning ensures that the mother gets enough time to recover and get back her good health before she is ready to get pregnant again if she chooses to. The mother’s body undergoes many changes, and it can take anywhere between weeks to years for the body to become resilient again.

Research also indicates that women who adequately space their pregnancies are happier and better able to take care of their babies. Similar studies also conclude that babies that are spaced adequately have a higher chance of survival and thriving.

Maternal mental health

Taking care of a child, along with the other social and personal responsibilities, is not easy. The various everyday tasks can take a toll on the mother’s physical as well as emotional health. Family planning allows parents to ensure that the woman has enough time to emotionally and psychologically prepare for what’s going to come.

Time to pursue other aspects of life

Women are more than just mothers, and men are more than only fathers. They need time,

space, and energy to pursue their ambitions and goals. Family planning allows the individuals this freedom to dream, plan, pursue, and achieve these professional and personal goals that they may have. 

Role of contraception in family planning

Contraceptives help sexually active individuals lead a life they want without worrying about unintended pregnancies. There are various contraception methods available for both sexes. Some of these include- condoms, birth control pills, vasectomy, tubectomy, intra-uterine devices, vaginal rings/patches, amongst others.

One of the most common contraception methods used by millions of women across cultures and geographies is the birth control pill. Typically, the woman will use a pill like Mankind’s Unwanted 21, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet, which needs to be taken once every day for 21 days, followed by the period, and then a new pack.

In case of emergency or unprotected sex, the woman can take Mankind’s Unwanted 72, Emergency Contraceptive Tablets, which is India’s No. 1 Emergency Contraceptive Tablet.

Contraception allows individuals to control how they wish to lead a major part of their life. In these times of uncertainty, family planning and contraception is a great way to gain a semblance of control over your life.


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