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Celebrating and Empowering People this World Contraception Day

Out of the many wonderful, progressive, and empowering days celebrated every year, World Contraception Day is one of the most needed ones. Celebrated on the 26th September every year, the day is filled with awareness campaigns and great messaging from governmental agencies, non-profits, women’s groups, student representatives, and the average civilian.

The day symbolises acceptance for people’s individual choices and spreads the message that we choose what we wish to do with our bodies. It helps the youth to make informed decisions when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health.

To celebrate the day and empower people, here are five things we believe every person must know:

  • Using contraception is okay.

Not everyone wants to be a parent. Not everyone is ready to be a parent. Not everyone wants to be a parent to a biological child, and that’s completely okay. Being a parent comes with its own set of responsibilities, challenges, and joys, but not everyone looks to parenthood as a priority. People have different visions for their life which may not include a child, and that’s understandable. So, don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty or ashamed about using contraception.

  • There are 15+ contraception methods.

While contraception methods have been available for centuries, it is only in the 20th century that it has become significantly safer and effective. Today, individuals can choose from a wide range of contraceptives based on their lifestyle, personal preferences, the term of usage, accessibility, and medical history. Some of the methods include male and female condoms, birth control pills, vaginal rings, hormonal patches, tubal ligation, vasectomy, and intrauterine devices.

A fairly common contraception method for women is the birth control pill. Examples include Mankind’s Unwanted 21, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet. Here, the woman takes the active pills for 21 days, followed by her menstruation days. After that, she begins a new pack. This cycle keeps repeating.

  • There is an emergency contraception option.

Many people sighed with relief when effective emergency birth control pills hit the market. For example, Mankind’s Unwanted 72, Emergency Contraceptive Tablets need to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. It is India’s No. 1 Emergency Contraceptive Tablet and easily available and accessible. This makes preventing unplanned pregnancies easier.

  • Most contraception methods aren’t permanent.

Many people believe in the myth that using contraception methods even once can lead to lifetime infertility. This is untrue. Only permanent contraception like vasectomy for men or tubal ligation for women results in lifetime sterilisation.

  • Your preferred method may change over time.

If you were comfortable using condoms during your teenage years, it doesn’t mean that it will be your preferred method until you die. Over time, our preferences, lifestyle, and health changes can lead to a change in our preferred method of contraception. For example, a woman may develop a latex allergy, which means she can’t handle condoms during sex. She may then opt for another method, such as going on the pill. What’s most important is to use a method that allows you to feel satisfied, safe, and comfortable.

On this World Contraception Day, pick up the baton and educate someone else on the importance of contraception for a safer future.


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