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College Days

Dear Diary,

Today was such an eventful day! You know Preeti Didi? Our neighbour? A family came to see her today with a marriage proposal. And the guy and she liked each other! They wanted to take her with them right away! Can you believe it! So old fashioned! Anyway, Preeti Didi’s family is their foot down and said that both of them should spend some  time getting to know each other. I whispered to Didi, “Especially your temper and aim with a chappal” and she tweaked my ears! She looked so happy!

It must be so exciting, na? Getting married. I enjoy attending weddings. I just love them. All the shopping and buying and planning! The dresses, bangles, earrings, mehndi! Decorating the house and venue and mandap. Everything is so fascinating! It is so much fun! Everyone comes over and the house is filled with laughing and singing people and yummy food is served!

I already know what I’m going to do for my wedding. It’s going to have a pink and gold theme! There will be pink everywhere! The venue and mandap and even my home will be filled with pink flowers and gold ribbons. Small bells will be threaded on to the golden ribbons so that there is the sound of sweet tinkling every time the breeze blows. I’ll wear a pink and gold lehenga. And I’ll have small pink rosebuds and golden ribbons in my hair. Even the wedding car will be decorated with pink. The seating will have pink covers on the chairs with gold ribbons and pink and gold tablecloths. Even my cake will be pink. And in my new home, too, I will paint the walls pink. And when I decide to have children, pink will be the theme of the nursery too. I’ll dress my son and daughter in pink smocks, shirts and frocks. I can’t wait to get married! I just have to find Mr. Right.


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