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Contraceptive pills – Empowering the women of today to take charge

Birth control innovations like the pill have had a remarkable impact on modern society and women. Check out how the birth control pill is empowering the modern women of India today.

For decades, women in India had no say or control over their pregnancies. Early marriage, lack of sex education, a patriarchal society – meant that women had no control over child-bearing. Either they had to keep on bearing children or opt for permanent sterilisation (in most cases, they were forced to undergo surgery).

But all that has changed with the ease of availability of contraceptive pills for women in India. Today, thanks to these revolutionary pills, women can have control over their pregnancies.

Contraceptive pills change the game

The ability for a woman to be fully in control of, if and when she wants to have children, is indeed a game changer. It gives women greater control in deciding – her life partner, the time when she wants to get married, the ability to continue her education, pursue her professional opportunities, space children and more.

In short, access to contraceptive pills for women is indeed a vital cornerstone in the path to women empowerment.

Why condoms and other barrier methods aren’t women-friendly?

This one is a no-brainer. While condoms have been around for a long time and are one of the top choices when it comes to contraceptives in India, they haven’t done much to liberate women.

The effectiveness of the condom ultimately depends on the male partner. The partner should be willing to wear one, and even if he is ready to use a condom, there are plenty of things that are beyond the control of women – the condom could slip or break during intercourse, the male partner may remove it mid-way, or flat out refuse to use one.

This is why birth control pills are revolutionary. By switching over to pills, women can take over the reins in the process of family planning.

Birth control pills – Putting women in the front seat

When it comes to taking birth control pills, the choice rests completely with the woman. She no longer has to rely on the male partner, in any way. A woman, if she wants to delay or avoid pregnancies, can go ahead and start taking the pill at any given time.

This is a big thing. For the first time ever, birth control pills have handed the reins of family planning to women.

A woman can continue taking pills for as long as she wants. Once she gets ready for a pregnancy, all she has to do is stop taking the pills and her fertility comes back to normal.

The best part – birth control pills are highly affordable. They cost less than 100 INR per month, making them feasible for women across all economic sectors.

Speaking of pills, one of the most asked questions by women isare contraceptive pills safe?

The birth control pill has been around for over sixty years, and millions of women have taken it without any issues. In fact, several recent studies show that the benefits of birth control pills go far beyond than avoiding pregnancies. Women who take the pill regularly experience regulated menstrual cycle, less painful periods, reduced hormonal acne, etc.

The verdict

Yep, birth control pills are incredibly safe, and above all highly effective in avoiding pregnancies. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your reproductive life and move ahead on the path to success and freedom!


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