Unwanted 21 Days
Importance of Planning in Life - Avoid Accidental Pregnancy

Everything Important Needs Planning – Then Why Not This?

Planning. Life revolves around it. Your parents planned what to name you. They planned your first birthday party. They planned which school you’d be admitted to. They planned which career you’d choose. If you were lucky, you got to plan your college and career. You planned which organization you’d join. You planned where you wanted to stay, the colour of your walls, the furnishings of your house and so on. You plan so carefully about which mobile phone, television, washing machine or refrigerator to buy. You plan your wedding. You plan your trousseau.

You plan your school assignments, your class projects, your charts and practical files. You plan dance sequences, plays and performances, annual days and sports days. You plan college festivals and graduations. You plan religious events, Christmas parties, processions and vigils. You plan funerals and hospital visits. You plan advertising campaigns and political rallies.  You plan your week, your day and your hours.

You plan whom to marry and whom not to, who gets invited to your wedding and who doesn’t, what gifts are suitable and what aren’t, what food to serve and what drinks to offer. You plan who conducts the wedding ceremony, who gives away  the bride, whether you arrive on horseback or by car.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You plan so much. You spend much more time planning if the new addition to the family is going to be a pet; which type of animal, what species, what breed, who will take care of it, can we afford the vet bills, can we afford the specialized diet, who will take it for walks, where will it sleep, who will groom it?

And yet…….you fail to plan for the new addition into your family? You don’t plan when you will have your children. You let your child’s birth be accidental. Why? Don’t let that happen now with Unwanted 21 Days contraceptive tablets.


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