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Festival Romance: 5 Romantic Ways to Bring Him Closer to You This Navratri

Festival Romance: 5 Romantic Ways to Bring Him Closer to You This Navratri

The joy and excitement surrounding a festival can bring about a need for connection in everyone. If you and your partner are looking to add a different level of intimacy to your lives, not just romantic, then here are five ways in which you can do that this Navratri:

  1. Plan a getaway

Sure, the hustle and bustle of Navratri is a beautiful experience. However, the constant loud music around you can stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise romantic day. Plan a romantic getaway with your partner, maybe to a place that is a short drive away from the city. Take your favourite soulful and romantic music with you to set the mood. You can also stop on your way to your destination and have a small romantic picnic at some meadow.

  1. Cook together

Put on your metaphorical chef hats and cook a meal together. Spending time with each other, working in tandem can bring about a sense of togetherness. Or, you can even surprise your partner with their favourite home-cooked meal. You can set up a candlelight dinner in your own house replete with fresh flowers on the table, mood lighting, and some good slow music playing in the background. It’s sure to set the mood for something more in the night.

  1. Go dancing!

How about getting your adrenaline pumping before you head home for a romantic night? Navratri is not Navratri until you spend time with your partner dancing your heart out to upbeat music. Head to a fun Navratri event, spend some time dancing with your partner and go home with your passions running high.

  1. Netflix and chill

Well, we are sure you know what that means! Stream some romantic films, order in some wine and pizza (fun combo, right?), and snuggle up with your partner as you indulge in some cheesy romance. You can watch just one movie or have a romantic movie marathon, that’s up to you. Remember, the romance in the film is not how romance in your life may play out. Yours could be much better!

  1. Make gifts for each other

Navratri is a time to show your appreciation for your partner as well. How about making a handmade present for them? It could be something as simple as a scrapbook of all your years together, with highlights from all your trips. Or maybe a collection of all the notes and messages you have left each other over the years.

Showing how much you appreciate your partner can bring about a sense of love and care and bring you two closer in more ways than one. In whatever way your Navratri nights play out, remember to use some form of contraception if you wish to avoid a pregnancy.

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This Navratri enhance the intimacy of your relationship by investing in your partner.


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