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How to Have a Happy Romantic Marriage

A good marriage requires a lot of work. When you take your wedding vows, you promise to be there for each other no matter what. However, along the way, you often settle into the domesticity of it all, and the romance slowly disappears. There is no doubt that the love is there. But the goofy, intimate romance? That, unfortunately, takes a back seat when ‘life’ gets in the way.

Thankfully, we have a few ideas that can significantly add to the romance and improve every aspect of your marriage. Check them out:

  • Go on dinner dates

Dress up and woo each other as you did during your courtship. Try to make your partner laugh. Take some time off of your daily domestic schedule to do something that is about only you two. If you have children or pets to take care of, ask someone to watch them for a few hours else while you serenade your love on a dinner date at your favourite restaurant. Making time for each other goes a long way to show your partner that you still cherish them the way you did when you first fell in love.

  • Compliment them

Whether it is complimenting them on how they handled a particularly tricky work situation or how great they are with playing team games, genuine compliments will make your partner feel noticed and appreciated. Many times, marriages lose their spark because the partners take each other for granted. The qualities that once made one partner swoon over the other can become “just an0ther thing about them.” Slip in a compliment here and there, and see how your partner gets all romantic!

  • Get physical

When you are in a long-term committed relationship like a marriage, it is important to be intimate-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Getting “into the mood” may need some work – put on some romantic music, light some scented candles, cook your spouse their favourite meal, and romance them. Build up the physical intimacy with your partner’s consent.

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  • Communicate

Don’t like how they make the small decisions on your behalf? Can’t stand the amount of time they spend on socialising? Whatever the case may be, you must communicate it to your partner. Don’t let the Four Horsemen of marriage get into the way of building a beautiful life together. Communication builds understanding and reduces conflict. When you are more attuned with each other, getting intimate is easier.

That’s it. Incorporate these four tips into your married life and see how meaningful, happy, and romantic your life can become!


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