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Importance of Contraception – We need to talk about Contraception

Civilisation has come a long way since the time contraception was considered risky and ineffective. Today, a sexually active person can choose from a range of contraception methods- condoms, oral contraceptives, vaginal rings, intrauterine device, diaphragm, contraceptive injection or implants, vasectomy, tubectomy, and many more. They can gain more control over their own lives and lead a life of their choosing.

Let’s explore the importance of contraception and see how it leads to healthier outcomes for every stakeholder- mother, baby, and family.

  • Empowers bodily autonomy for females

Imagine what used to happen up until a couple of decades ago; if a female didn’t wish to get pregnant, she would most likely still have for two reasons. One, lack of effective contraception led to a pregnancy, and lack of safe abortion practices meant she couldn’t risk her life and had to go through with childbirth.

Today, all that has changed. A female can choose if and when she wants to get pregnant by opting for contraception that works for her. She also doesn’t have to depend on her male partner to ensure contraception. By using a birth control pill like Mankind’s Unwanted 21, a regular oral contraceptive pill where she takes the pill for 21 days followed by her period, and then another pill pack, she can control her contraception. The diverse contraception has enabled females to lead a fulfilling life in all ways.

  • Better maternal mental health

Raising a child is no child’s play. It takes a lot of resources and human energy to raise a baby. When the female is not emotionally, physically, financially, or spiritually prepared to raise a child, it can put a great amount of pressure on her. This can directly lead to poor mental health. Hence, contraception gives the female the power to decide if and when they wish to get pregnant and directly aid their well-being.

  • Reduced maternal mortality rate

According to global statistics, over 2,00,000 females die as a direct or indirect result of a lack of effective and safe contraception. This could be due to unsafe abortion procedures and other pregnancy-related issues. Thus, when society empowers the female population with contraception to prevent pregnancy, it directly saves lives.

  • More effective family planning

Contraception allows parents to space the birth of their child(ren). This means that they can decide to have kid(s) when they are ready and be prepared in all ways. This also ensures better health outcomes for the mother. Spacing between childbirths allows her to recuperate and regain her health.

  • Better new born health outcomes

All the above points result in better outcomes for the baby as well. When the mother is healthy, she is better able to nurse her baby. When the parents are less stressed and feel more in control because of the planned pregnancy, they can better care for them.

Lastly, the development of contraceptives like Mankind’s Unwanted 72, Emergency Contraceptive Pills, India’s No.1 Emergency contraceptive pill, has ensured that even in the case of a missed dose of regular birth control pill or protection failure, the female can take control by taking the emergency pill.

Use this information and understanding to increase awareness about the importance of contraception around you and create a more empowered society.


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