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Is Oral Birth Control a Culprit of Weight Gain?

Is Oral Birth Control a Culprit of Weight Gain?

Can birth control pills wreck-havoc on your waistline? It’s a common question! Let’s find out if there is a connection between the two.

Thinking of taking the oral contraceptive pill but wary that it might make you fat? The fear of your body weight spiralling out of control is understandable. Well, it shouldn’t be! Unlike the first-generation pills, the contraceptive options available today is advanced and contain hormone levels that are too low to cause any significant weight gain.

Extensive research undertaken on the pill-weight connection has found no conclusive evidence of the effect. So why do some women still feel the impact? While the pill doesn’t contribute to weight gain, it may alter a woman’s body shape and composition. Read on to find out how and why.

Temporary Side Effect

Women react differently to different medications. Hence, some may notice the numbers on the scale crawling upwards after they start taking oral contraceptive pills. However, there’s no need to hit the panic button.

It is a temporary response of the body triggered by the surge of hormones. The increase in weight is slight that tends to resolve on its own over time. Most women gradually drop back to their normal weight after the body’s metabolism becomes accustomed to the pill.

Water Weight Gain

Hormonal birth control pills contain estrogen, which sometimes prompts the body to retain more fluid than usual. This often leads to bloating, which gives the illusion of excess weight around the hips, thighs, belly, or ankles.

The water-weight fluctuation, however, is not an alarming situation. According to experts, the puffiness from fluid retention is not permanent weight gain or extra fat. It is a short-term phenomenon that usually subsides within two or three months.

Lifestyle Changes

Women start using oral contraception in adolescence or early adulthood when hormonal changes occur. Also, they stop taking the pill to get pregnant and go back on it once their family is complete. Not to mention, metabolism takes a nosedive with ageing. It’s normal for women to gain a few pounds during the various phases of life with or without pills being in the picture.

Birth Control = Women Empowerment:

Oral birth control like Unwanted 21 Days is safe, convenient, well-tolerated, and highly effective. Millions of women use it, and the contraceptive method empowers them to embrace their sexuality and sexual desires without worrying about an unintended or unplanned pregnancy.

Not to mention, the women-centric measure offers a plethora of benefits. It can regulate periods and reduce acne and the frequency of migraines associated with menstruation. Plus, the daily pill lowers the risk of uterineovarian, and colon cancer.

Wrapping it Up

If the fear of packing extra pounds is deterring you from using birth control pills, brush it off! There is no link between the two. Remember, weight gain can be caused by various factors like lifestyle choices, poor eating habits, ageing, genetics, or even a medical condition. The oral contraceptive is not always the culprit!



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