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Oral Contraceptives: All that You Wanted to Know

Oral Contraceptives: All that You Wanted to Know

Oral contraceptives are being used for a long time and help women in planning their parenthood. They are safe and should be taken regularly for the desired effectiveness. Oral contraceptives, or birth pills, have made it easier to control unplanned pregnancies while keeping reproductive health in check. While there are many forms of contraception available, oral contraceptives can help you have a good sex life with your partner without worrying about getting pregnant.

Oral Contraceptives: An Easy-to-Use Product 

Oral contraceptives, like the 21-day pills from Unwanted-21 prevent ovulation and delay pregnancy. This method of contraception is fast becoming popular because of the convenience it offers. It lets partners enjoy their relationship without worrying about pregnancy.

Who Can Take Birth Control Pills? 

All women can safely consume oral contraceptive tablets to prevent pregnancy. You can take these contraceptives until menopause. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting these for the first time or if you have any of the below-listed conditions –

  • If you have blood clots in limbs or lungs
  • If you have heart or liver ailments
  • If you are suffering from migraine, high blood pressure, or cancer (uterus/breast)

If affected by any of the above conditions, or having irregular periods, consult a doctor before starting the oral contraceptives. Also, inform your doctor if any of your first-blood relatives are suffering from the above genetic conditions.

How to Take Oral Contraceptives 

Follow the listed ways to take oral contraceptive tablets correctly –

  • Read and follow the instructions printed on the pack
  • Consume one pill every day, at the same time
  • While taking 21-day pills, the fourth week will be without any tablet
  • Don’t skip your pills
  • If you miss a pill one day, have it as soon as you can. You can have up to two pills in a day but not more.

How Effective are the Oral Contraceptives?

Regular and timely intake of oral contraceptive tablets makes them effective in the delay of pregnancy. For total effectiveness-

  • Ensure daily consumption of contraceptive tablets
  • Consult a doctor if suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting for more than two days (48 hours)
  • Consult a doctor if you are already taking any medication.

While taking oral contraceptives, you may experience some minor symptoms. Consult a gynaecologist if you experience nausea, headaches, irregular periods, spotting, or vaginal discharge. Products such as the Unwanted-21 Days Regular oral contraceptive tablets are the best choice to plan family and prevent unplanned pregnancy. Most importantly, they give women complete control over their pregnancy.



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