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Pill vs Condom – Which is More Effective?

Pill vs Condom – Which is More Effective?

With a population of approximately 138 crores, India is the second-most-populous country in the world, after China. The Indian population is constantly increasing at an approximate rate of 1% a year. Looking at this number, we can understand how crucial it is for people to use contraception methods to control the population.

Common Forms of Contraception

Many birth control methods are available today, such as condoms, IUDs, vasectomy, tubal ligation, birth control pills, etc. Among these methods, pills and condoms are the most commonly used methods. Let’s understand how these contraception methods are different from each other.

– The birth control pill regulates your hormones, preventing ovulation and pregnancy. Condoms physically prevent semen from entering the female body, thereby preventing pregnancy.

– Regular oral contraceptive tablets such as Unwanted 21 days are to be taken regularly for 21 days starting from day 1 of your menstrual cycle. In contrast, you must use condoms while having sex.

Condom Vs Pill – Which is More Effective?

Both pills and condoms are effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy. Let’s look at each of them and their benefits and limitations.

Benefits of Condoms

  • Prevents STDs

    Condoms are one of the few birth control methods that also prevent STDs, thus making it a highly suggested method to adopt if you engage in sexual activity with an unknown partner.

  • Condoms are safe to use

    You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy condoms. This makes them more usable than many other forms of birth control methods.

  • Condoms are affordable

    Condoms are highly affordable, making them an effective contraception method for people from all the strata of society.


  • They Hinder Spontaneity 

    Sex is often a spontaneous act between partners. Not having a condom with you all the time may come in the way of that spontaneous act of love.

  • Reduce Pleasure

    Many couples don’t like using a condom as it reduces friction, thus, limiting pleasure.

  • It’s a Male Contraceptive

    A big problem with the condom is that a man has to put it on to prevent pregnancy for a woman. Thus, women have lesser control over it.

Benefits of Birth Control Pills

  • Convenient to Use 

    It is easy to use contraception pills. The package generally comes with a cycle calendar that makes it easier to track your dosage.

  • Gives decisions to the Hands of Women

    Birth control pills allow a woman to have better control over her decision of bearing a child.

  • Spontaneous Pleasure

    With a birth control pill, you do not have to worry about pregnancy every time you want to indulge in spontaneous sex with your partner. Moreover, it increases pleasure.


  • It does not prevent STDs
  • You need to consult a doctor before you start taking the pills 

Pills vs Condoms – Which is Better?

In terms of effectiveness, both condoms and pills are equally effective. Both are equally good ways of protection. There is no one better than the other. The usability depends on you and your partner. If you engage in sexual activity with an unknown partner, a condom is the right way to go.

On the other hand, birth control pills are great for married couples and women who want to take charge of their pregnancy instead of only relying on their male partners to use a condom and its effectiveness.

For a pregnancy to be a happy experience, it must be planned. Since childbearing is a woman’s responsibility, she must have control over the decision of having a child. A contraception pill gives you the freedom to delay pregnancy and embrace motherhood only when you wish to.



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