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Birth Control Pills and Menopause - Benefits Explained

Role of Birth Control Pills in Menopause – Explained

One of the most crucial periods in a woman’s life is when they go through a menopause. The symptoms of menopause include insomnia, changes in libido, fatigue, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and sneaky hot flashes. It is not easy managing these symptoms of menopause or even peri-menopause. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstruation and at the same time comes with a lot of health concerns and potential health risks.

A lot of gynaecologists across the globe recommend using low dose birth control pills to mitigate the painful effects that peri-menopause and menopause bring with it. Not only that, but the pills also help to ameliorate the potential health risks that lowered estrogen levels in the body may bring.

At first, it may sound like birth control and menopause are not words that go together. After all, how could a method that prevent unplanned pregnancy be helpful when it is difficult to can no longer get pregnant? The answer to that question lies in the content of the birth control pills – estrogen. The main difference is that these pills contain a lower amount of estrogen as compared to regular birth control pills. One of the symptoms of peri-menopause is the irregular period cycle and spotting. Estrogen helps to make this period more regular. It also helps to prevent hot flashes and thus make it easier for them to handle the change.

How do birth control pills benefit post-menopause women?

Menopause means lower levels of estrogen in the system. Lowered estrogen levels are directly linked with an increased risk of bone loss, which may lead to osteoporosis, higher risk of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, reduced muscle tone, weakening of vision in terms of forming cataracts or even macular degeneration. Healthy estrogen levels affect not only your physical well-being but also your psychological health. Estrogen is linked to serotonin, a ‘happy hormone’. When estrogen decreases, so does serotonin and your happiness, which leads to mood swings.

Thus, birth control pills, and by definition, the estrogen in it helps a woman in peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause transition safely into the next phase of her life.

The benefits of taking low dose birth control pills are appealing. However, for women who have had a history of blood clots, breast cancer, any form of heart disease, or those who smoke, it is advisable to first consult their doctor before starting to take any birth control pills. Additionally, the woman should consult her gynaecologist to understand the right time to stop taking birth control for menopause.

For all the women out there going through peri – menopause, menopause or worried about the day they hit menopause, know that there are multiple ways to manage the irritable symptoms. You simply have to find the one that agrees with your body the best!


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