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Some Blessings Should Not Be Accidental

Some Blessings Should Not Be Accidental.

Children are a blessing, our future, our hope and our joy. We do not give them a choice when we bring them into this world; therefore it is our sacred duty to give them our very best. Whether it is food, clothes, education or opportunities to succeed in life, we owe it to them to be the most excellent parents we can be. This is why we need to be ready physically, emotionally and spiritually to become parents.

Being a parent is no easy task, in today’s day and age of dual income nuclear families. With everyone pursuing their own dreams and goals, the onus of bringing up a child lies on just the parents. It takes a whole village to raise a child no longer holds true. Numerous things need to be considered such as are you willing to take a break from work, what kind of maternity and paternity leave are you entitled to, who is going to look after the baby when you go back to work, can you afford quality help, which hospital would you chose for delivery, who are you going to choose as your doctor, which school would you want your child to study in, what kind of a neighborhood do you want your child to grow up in? The list is endless.

Planning a child helps both the parents to be well prepared to receive their bundle of joy. The anticipation and enthusiasm makes them look forward to the addition to their family. An unexpected pregnancy, on the other hand, is wrought with worry and tension as both parents may feel unprepared for the upcoming responsibilities that having a child entails. It can lead to stress, discord in the marriage and anxiety that adversely affects both mother and child, jeopardizing their health. Don’t let you blessing be accidental. Plan for your blessings.


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