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Strategies to Manage In-Laws Interference in Family Planning

Strategies to Manage In-Laws Interference in Family Planning

Imagine the scenario? Back from a-month old honeymoon and the first thing parents-in-law ask if you are a carrier of “good news?”  Yes, it’s the euphuism for “are you pregnant?”‘  An extremely awkward moment! But wait, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  They then assume the role of fertility experts and start doling out intimate advice, arguing about the biological clock ticking and then emotionally blackmailing you. In short, you are bombarded with pressure to start a family whether you want to or not. Dealing with interfering in-laws can be tricky, given the sensitivity of the relation.  Here are some strategies to manage the situation without creating a rift.

Keep Calm:

When the in-laws go on and on about grandkids, it can understandably get under your skin. Despite the urge to flare up, an outburst in the situation will only make things worse. You need to take a deep breath, keep your composure and tactfully steer the conversation away from the controversial subject.

Show Appreciation:

The advice for getting pregnant from in-laws may be well-intentioned as they have your best interests at heart. Show your appreciation for their concern by acknowledging it and stating that you will mull over it. Then go ahead and ignore it.

Set Boundaries:

If parents-in-law are intrusive, the best thing to do is set boundaries. It is completely acceptable to say the reproductive decision is a personal matter and no other person has any say in it. If they’re wise, such a firm statement will make them realize they have crossed the line. And hopefully, the pregnancy advice will stop.

Let your Spouse Lead:

Have a conversation with your spouse on how the pressure to start the family is affecting you. Request him for support to put across the message loud and clear, as he knows his parents better than you know them. This will ensure your in-laws understand that you both agree with the decision and it’s not yours alone.

Play the Silent Card:

If you are uncomfortable with the constant nagging to reproduce, the best course of action is to remain quiet. While it may be tempting to explain your perspective, it’s better to play the silent card and avoid conflict on the touchy subject. Not saying anything is also regarded as a response, right?

Share your Viewpoint:

Embracing parenthood is a huge responsibility that requires careful planning.  Apart from physical well-being, you need to be emotionally and financially ready to provide the child with a stable future. Share the reasons behind your decision of stalling pregnancy with your in-laws. They are likely to understand your viewpoint and give you a breather.

Contraceptive Empowerment:

Things have come a long way from the ’50s when women were socially conditioned to procreate against their better judgement. Thanks to education and modern contraception, women are in control and can live the lives they want. The women-centric Unwanted 21 Days, regular oral contraceptive tablets, is a safe and effective birth control option. It not only helps women to understand their fertility and reproductive choices but empowers them to participate in family planning.

Unwanted Gyaan Se Savdhaan – Do not take decision of pregnancy to impress your relatives

Regardless of how offended you are by the constant meddling and pestering, don’t bite back.  Remember, you can’t control how your parents-in-law act, but your response can thwart a confrontation from turning into a full-on family fall-out.  The key is to take the endless stream of any unwanted pregnancy advice with a pinch of salt without capitulating on the issue that is important to you. Lastly, Unwanted Gyaan Se Savdhaan ladies – it is your life, and only you and your partner should decide when and if you want to get pregnant.

Disclaimer: This blog solely intended for educational/informational/awareness purposes and is not a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor/healthcare professional before acting on the information provided on the blog. Reliance on any or all information provided in the blog, is solely at your own risk and responsibility. Mankind Pharma Limited shall not be held liable, in any circumstance whatsoever.


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