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The fears associated with birth control pills – How valid are they

Considering the pill as a birth control option, but hearing scary stories about it? Worry not, here we reveal the truths behind some of the common pill myths.

The birth control pill was approved on 9th May 1960. Since then, it has played a vital role in the economic and personal liberalisation of countless women in the West. Women in developing countries start taking the pill (their gynaecologists recommend them) as soon as they become sexually active.

When it comes to their Indian counterparts, the story is miles apart. Though the birth control pill is widely available in India today, it still is shrouded in tons of speculation and misconceptions.

We’re sure that you would have come across plenty of scary stories about the birth control pill – a friend of a friend who gained twenty kilos since going on the pill, your neighbour’s cousin who experienced severe headaches because she used the pill and plenty more.

Well ladies, it’s time to set things right. All these stories are nothing but just stories. The birth control pill is one of the most researched medications of all time, and it’s – effective, safe and convenient.

Here, in this post, we debunk some of the common birth control pill myths once and for all. Continue reading and the next time, you come across someone spinning tall stories about birth control pills, you can set them right.

Debunked – Popular birth control pill fears and myths

Fear #1: If I take the pill, I’ll end up piling on extra kilos

This is the biggest myth out there. A 2014 study revealed that there’s no link between taking the pill and gaining weight.

The reason for this myth may be that the oestrogen in the pill makes a few women feel bloated. But then this is just a temporary condition and goes away once you start taking the pill regularly.

If you’re worried about birth control weight gain, then ask your doctor to give you a pill that has a lower dose of hormones.

Fear #2: I must take the pill at the same time every day, or I’ll get pregnant.

Contrary to what you may have heard, taking the pill at the same time every day doesn’t determine its effectiveness. The reason why this suggestion was given in the first place was to cultivate a habit of popping the pill every day.

Also, this statement holds true only when you’re on the mini-pill (birth control that has only progestin). However, most women generally take the combination pill (that has both oestrogen and progestin), which doesn’t come with such a strict schedule.

Even if you forget taking the pill at a particular time, you can take it as soon as you remember. This doesn’t mess the birth control pills effectiveness.

Fear #3: If I take the pill now, I’ll have a hard time getting pregnant later when I want to have a baby.

This one is entirely baseless. While it may seem hard to believe, most women get pregnant easily, once they stop taking the pill.

Simply put, birth control will not mess up your fertility in the long-term. Pills are effective only as long as you take them.

Fear #4: Your body needs to take a break from birth control once in a while.

Truth – the only time you should skip birth control is when you’re planning to get pregnant. Else, you can continue to take birth control pills as long as you want, without any side effects.

Fear #5: I’m over 35 years. The birth control pill is no longer effective on my body.

Birth control pills work for all women who are in the reproductive age. You can use pills as a birth control method for as long as you want. However, if you have a history of breast cancer or high blood pressure, consult your doctor to suggest you pills that don’t have oestrogen.

To conclude – Birth control pills are 100% safe and effective

We hope this clears the air about birth control pills and common misconceptions. So shed your fears, take the reins in your hand, get in control over your pregnancies and enjoy hassle-free birth control with the pill.


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