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The Right Way to Take 21-day Pills

The Right Way to Take 21-day Pills

21-day pills help in the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. They are a safe contraception method that allows women in planning their pregnancy with complete preparation. Please keep reading to know more about these pills and the right way to take them.

Unplanned pregnancy is a big issue in a developing country like India, where issues related to pregnancy are everyone’s affair in the family but the woman herself. Regular oral contraceptive tablets such as the 21-day pills give power back into the woman’s hand, letting her decide when to get pregnant. Safe and convenient to use, they set your minds free from the fear of getting pregnant every time after having sex with your partner.

Moreover, stopping these pills is very easy too. Whenever you want to get pregnant, you can stop taking the pill.

Benefits of 21-day Contraceptive Pills 

21-day Contraceptive Pills offer many benefits such as

  • Enable women to prevent and delay pregnancy
  • Enjoy sex life with their partner while avoiding pregnancy
  • These pills are more women-centric as women can take charge of family planning

21-day pills are easy to use and give effective results. They come in a handy pill pack having 21 cavities only so that women don’t get confused about how many pills have been consumed.

The first tablet is to be consumed on day one of your period. Henceforth, 20 more tablets are to be taken daily at the same time of the day. After 21 days, there has to be a gap of 7 days where you don’t consume any pills. During these seven days, you should get periods.

After this, start the second pack of the pills, from the 8th day onwards (including the 8th day). It is to be understood that, for starting the second 21-day pill pack, you should not wait for the first day of the period. This rule applies only to the first-ever pack of tablets.

How to Consume 21-day Pills 

  • Set a reminder on your phone to take the pill daily.
  • Avoid taking these pills along with other medicines without consulting a certified gynaecologist.
  • Keep the same time of consuming pill daily until the 21-day course is complete.
  • Start the next pack on the 8th day, irrespective of the menstrual bleeding.
  • In case of nausea or vomiting, seek the guidance of a doctor.

In Case of a Missed Pill 

  • If you miss one active pill, consume the missed pill just as you realize. Take the next scheduled pill at the designated time, even if it means taking two tablets in a single day.
  • If you miss two active pills consecutively, take two pills on the day you remember and two pills the next day. Never take more than two pills within 24 hours.

Unwanted 21, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablets offer complete protection from pregnancy and let you enjoy moments of love with your partner without any fear.


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