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Romance of Married Couples: The Role of Romance in a Relationship

The Role of Romance in a Relationship

Often, we allow our work and a thousand other responsibilities to shadow other aspects of our lives, such as relationship intimacy. We settle into the comfort offered by a secure long-term relationship and forget to invest the time and effort to keep the romance alive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with settling into the comfort zone in a relationship, but we need to be aware of any complacency settling in with comfort.

Here are some of the reasons why romantic relationships need to keep the romance in them alive:

  • Builds healthy vulnerability

Multiple forms of vulnerability show up in a healthy romantic relationship. There is an emotional vulnerability where we share our deepest, darkest fears and aspirations with our partner, with the faith that they will accept us for who we are. Then there is a physical vulnerability where we share a very intimate physical space with our partner, trusting them not to hurt us physically or emotionally.

When the partners engage in a romantic gesture, they are being vulnerable in that they are being open to the possibility of rejection but still having the faith that their partner wants them. Even if the other partner doesn’t seem interested in wanting to get physical at that time, this provides an opportunity for them to talk about it and understand their partner better.

  • Lowers relationship anxiety

Showing the need to be physically intimate with your partner is one of the ways in which you show them that you are still interested in them as individuals. We may not openly acknowledge the need for physical intimacy or make it a dinner table conversation, but the fact remains that it is crucial to the health of a relationship.

Whether it a simple dinner date to your partner’s favourite restaurant or a whole romantic getaway, it shows your partner that you are taking the effort to connect or, for that matter, stay connected. This lowers any relationship anxiety such as, ‘is my partner still interested in me?’, or ‘have we forgotten how to be with each other?’, or ‘do we still imagine our lives together?’

  • Reflects your priorities

Building on the earlier two reasons, including romance in your relationships, shows that the quality of the relationship matters to you. It shows that you still think it is important. Often, when partners marry or commit to a new level of relationship such as move-in together, they may believe that the move itself will show the commitment, and that’s all that they need.

Even though the partners may think of their relationship as supremely important, it may not ­feel so if you don’t actively take an interest in your partner and express your desire to want to be with them. Hence, being romantic is important.

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Take small romantic steps and trust yourself and your partner to meet you halfway for a healthier relationship!


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