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Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Birth Control Pills

Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Birth Control Pills

Oral contraceptive pills are one of the most sought-after methods used by modern women to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Gynaecologists also prescribe them for the treatment of illnesses related to hormonal disorders. 


However, if you plan to take such pills, you should be aware of certain points discussed herein.


1. Take the Pill at a Fixed Time – 

Taking pills irregularly and at odd times may result in fluctuating hormone levels, possibly leading to an unplanned pregnancy. Therefore, you should ensure taking the pill at a fixed time every day to maintain stability in your hormonal levels. For example, you can consider taking your pill before going to bed at night. 


2. Maintain the Regular Course – 

A regular course of an Unwanted 21 Days, Regular Contraceptive Tablet is 21 days of taking one pill each day followed by seven days of not taking the tablet. You need to continue maintaining this cycle as long as you want to defer your pregnancy. You can start by taking the first tablet on the last day of your menstrual period and continue thereafter. If you ever miss taking one, you should take one as soon as you remember and then continue with your plan. This may mean taking two pills in a day, which is acceptable if you don’t miss your pills often.

3. Be patient – 

It takes at least seven days for birth control pills to become effective in preventing pregnancy. Therefore, you should consider alternate birth control measures during the intervening period.


4. No Protection from STDs –

Generally, bodily fluids cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Therefore, oral contraceptive pills do not offer protection from STDs like syphilis or AIDS. If you are new to a relationship or apprehensive of catching an STD, you can pursue your partner to use condoms while you continue with your pills. This can add another layer of security while pursuing carnal pleasures.


5. Be Aware of Side Effects – 

Every individual has a unique body and has different needs. While oral contraceptive pills are usually safe for regular consumption, some women may take time to adjust. Such women may feel a variety of side effects while starting with these pills. The side effects may include 


a. Bleeding between the periods

b. Nausea

c. Tenderness of Breast

d. Headaches

e. Mood Swings

f. Change in the menstrual cycle


While there can be other such side effects, they usually go away in two months, during which your body gets accustomed to the changes.


6. Check with Other Medications – 

Certain antibiotics and other medicines or herbal products can interfere with oral contraceptive pills, decreasing their efficiency in preventing pregnancy. Therefore, if you are on regular medication, you should consult your doctor before using your birth control pill. Sometimes, changes in doses with a doctor’s consultation can resolve such issues. Once you know the points discussed above, you will feel more confident to start and continue with your pills until you are ready to embrace parenthood with your partner. 


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