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Tips for Working from Home with Your Spouse without Driving Each Other Apart

The idea of working from home can be like a rollercoaster ride. At first, you would’ve been grateful not to have to commute. Perhaps later, you realise you don’t meet anyone new as you did at the office. After that, you may be ecstatic with having more time with your partner…and then, you may feel like killing them for breathing down your neck.

If you are feeling the same, fret not. Here are five tips on how to build a healthy relationship with your partner while you work from home:

  1. Keep the romance alive

Sure, there is no ‘I can’t wait to meet…’ type of longing anymore. But that doesn’t mean the romance is dead. You can still do romantic things like cook them a fancy dinner, wear what they like, slow dance to music in your bedroom (or the living room if there is no third-wheel!). To make sure your love doesn’t turn into an unplanned pregnancy, have a reliable birth control method.

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2. Maintain separate workspaces

It can be challenging to focus on work if you and your spouse are working right next to each other. You may inadvertently start talking about personal or home life or discuss chores that need to be done. Hence, it is best to work in different rooms. This way, you can naturally limit the amount of interaction and stay productive.

3. Keep the bedroom as the sacred space

Try to not use the bedroom as either of your workspaces. Let it remain as the ‘couple space.’ If you regularly work out of your bedroom, it may become difficult for your brain to transition into thinking of the bedroom as your couple space. If work is the only thing, you think about while in the bedroom, it won’t bode well for your relationship.

4. Remember your spouse is your ‘spouse’

Just because you share your workplace with your partner, doesn’t mean they become your ‘co-worker from another department.’ Maintain healthy relationships with not only your partner but also your colleagues, by discussing things with them that fit their roles. If you are wracking your brains for a new project idea, brainstorm with your colleagues. You and your spouse have enough shared interests and responsibilities without needing to add to it.

Chances are that after the initial novelty of discussing each other’s work wears off, the partner will feel burdened if they must keep being your sounding board along with managing their workload.

5. Set boundaries

If done with sensitivity and assertiveness, this will make your WFH life much more comfortable. If your work hours are 10-5, inform your partner that you prefer to focus on only your work during that time. You can set aside the lunch hour as the time when you catch-up on the day. You can also discuss the division of chores and set goals together. This way, the burden of managing the house doesn’t fall o you or your partner alone.

Have an open conversation with your spouse about what you need, and how you can support them while working from home. Together, you can balance your work and personal time and make your relationship stronger.


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