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Tips to Get Romantic With Your Partner This Monsoon

We don’t believe there is ever a bad time to be romantic, but the petrichor and pleasant weather make monsoon the best time to get romantic with your partner.

Here are six tips to get the romantic in you to express themselves this monsoon:

  • Dinner date by the window

How about preparing a romantic dinner date for your loved one? Light up a few candles around the house and prepare your partner’s favourite meal. Set up a table by the window or on the balcony. Enjoy a homecooked meal with your partner as you watch the rain—a perfect date during the lockdown.

  • Slow dance in the rain

Dancing with your significant other in the rains may seem a cliched thing, but it works all the time to spark the romance all over again. Head to the terrace, lawn, or balcony and slow dance to some romantic music. Bollywood had it right when it put their movie protagonists in a rain sequence to induce some romance. The feeling of being together, while the forces of nature play its music, can be quite romantic.

  • Long drives

What’s a monsoon without a long drive? Put on your favourite playlist as a couple, and drive around the city. If you are feeling spontaneous, take a trip outside the city. Visit a lake, go to the hills. Spend some quality time with your partner as you look over the city from the top of the hill nearby, listening to soulful music. Pick up a bottle of wine on the way, maybe? But do ensure you drive back safely.

  • Cuddle together

Well, you could start with cuddling! Being with each other, enjoying the soft sound of the rain outside can be magical. If things go further than cuddling, make sure you use protection if you are not looking to get pregnant. You can take an emergency pill- Mankind’s Unwanted-72- within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse or in case of protection failure. It is India’s No. 1 Contraceptive Tablet, so you won’t have difficulty finding it at a nearby chemist. However, if you are on the Mankind’s Unwanted -21 pill, where you take a pill each day for 21 days, followed by a week of inactive pills, you can safely have sex without the fear of a pregnancy looming over your heads.

  • Listen to an audiobook together.

Intellectual intimacy is a great way to get your sapiosexual partner in the mood for some physical intimacy. Sit together and try listening to an audiobook that you both like. Discuss the book’s themes and characters, and get into a conversation. If you and your partner are comfortable with it, you can try listening to a romantic novel or something. Get your mind, body, and spirit running to the sound of the rain and the audiobook!

  • Indulge in a movie marathon

Under a cosy blanket, with a fresh batch of warm popcorn, some coffee, a list of movies, and your partner. Let the sound of the raindrops against the windows complement the sound of the movie to get you and your partner in a good mood. It’s a perfect setup to get warm and cosy with your partner and share a few cuddles and kisses between the scenes.

Make the most of the inherently romantic nature of the monsoon, and build memories with your partner.


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