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Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist & Guide for Indian Brides

If the wedding fervour has died down just enough that you don’t feel stressed, but the excitement of being married is still strong, you may be inevitably thinking about a honeymoon. The idea of discovering a destination together, understanding each other better, and exploring horizons that you may not have ventured into before may be exciting. To make your honeymoon extra special, and memorable, there are some ‘must-haves’ in your ‘honeymoon packing list’.


Unless you plan to have a ‘honeymoon baby’, pack in the usual contraceptives- condoms, emergency contraceptive pills, diaphragm or any other form of contraception that works for you. If you haven’t had intercourse with your partner before, talk to your partner and discuss possible contraception options with them. It is better to buy your preferred contraception from your hometown/ country as it may not be available elsewhere.

Clothing to match the setting of the destination

Both of you may be as excited as bunnies during your honeymoon, and you would surely want to set the right mood that sparks romance. If you are going on a vacation to an exotic beach or if you have booked a private villa, you can carry some sexy lingerie and silk robes, to add a ‘layer’ of romance to your festivities. It is one of the honeymoon essentials that you do not want to forget to pack in.

Essential oils

Vanilla, peppermint, or floral essential oils are an excellent aphrodisiac. It is one of the things to pack for a honeymoon if you intend to give your partner a romantic massage or have a relaxing bath. Try different fragrances before you head to the honeymoon to know what your personal preferences are.

Romantic playlist

Surprise your partner with a classic romantic candlelight dinner with soft romantic music playing in the backdrop. Include all the romantic hits and carry a backup copy, just in case! Oh, also speakers.

Polaroid camera

Carry a polaroid camera with you and take candid pictures of your partner and capture their cute emotions/reactions. These will serve as beautiful reminders of your first holiday as a married couple, and you will have memories to cherish for long. 


Be it early morning or middle of the day, smelling nice is important. Carry your partner’s favourite perfume and apply it liberally. Another thing on your honeymoon checklist should be bath gels and sweet-smelling moisturiser. You need to keep your skin healthy and attractive at the same time.

The honeymoon checklist for the bride should also include the usual essentials- medicines, sunscreen, comfy shoes, accessories, toiletries, backpack, etc. Make sure you take different kinds of clothes- some that are purely for comfort, and some that you like.

Before anything else, ensure you have all your travel papers- tickets, passport, identification documents, to avoid last-minute hassles.


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