Unwanted 21 Days

Who Said Only Diamonds Were a Girl’s Best Friends?

I always wanted to get married. I also wanted to live my life on my own terms, have a successful career, travel the world and enjoy my life to the fullest. That, unfortunately, does not match Indian society’s perception of a married woman. A married woman is expected to put family and home first, want to settle down and have children. I wanted all that too but just not yet.

When I met my husband for the first time, I didn’t expect things to work out between us. I knew what I wanted. I also knew that my choices were too independent for most people to handle. So I didn’t keep my hopes up, especially since we were meeting in an arranged set up.

Things turned out differently, once we started talking though. Turns out, we both wanted the same things from life. He was a travel enthusiast, with a spirit of adventure who had actively been resisting to meet girls because he thought he wouldn’t find ‘the one’ through this approach. The only reason he agreed to meet me was because I looked ‘fiercely independent’ as he put it.

We spent a lot of time talking about our dreams and what we wanted from marriage and our expectations of our spouse. When the talk of children came up, he was open to the use of contraceptive measures. Eventually, we got married.

On our wedding night, he gave me a beautifully wrapped box. I opened it to find a pack of Unwanted 21 Days. He told me that he wasn’t sure if I would have had time to visit a gynaecologist with all the wedding preparations to take care of, so he had taken the liberty. He was excited to start our life together and so was I. Who said only diamonds could be a girl’s best friends?


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