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Important Reasons why you Should Talk Freely about Birth Control

Why Is It Important to Talk About Birth Control Freely?

Today, schools and parents talk to their children about healthy, responsible, and respectful sexual behaviour a lot more freely than until a decade or two ago. It happens when they are in their pre-pubescent years or just hit puberty. This systemic change in how we address important topics such as sex, contraception, and consent is proof that we have progressed as a society.

So, what makes talking about birth control so important? Why is it necessary for it to be spoken about freely in schools and at home? Here are a few reasons why:

  • End the stigma

When we start speaking freely, confidently about this hitherto taboo-ed topic, it reduces the stigma surrounding sex, perfectly natural behaviour that most living species engage in. But why do we need to end the stigma surrounding it? When we speak freely about contraception or sex, more and more curious individuals, mainly teenagers, ask their questions. This way, we can ensure that they get accurate information about contraception, sex, consent, and pregnancy.

  • Improves the willingness to access healthcare services

Would you have visited a gynaecologist if you thought you would be shamed for your sexual behaviour? No, right? When we speak freely about birth control, we communicate with the listeners that sex and birth control are natural and acceptable things, and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

As a result, more and more vulnerable populations, especially teenagers, individuals from lower-income groups, marginalised women, seek out services such as planned parenthood and gynaecologists.

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies

How will a female prevent a pregnancy if she doesn’t know how to do so? When we talk freely about contraception and birth control pills, it creates awareness. This awareness leads to the female using birth control measures such as Mankind’s Unwanted 21, a regular oral contraceptive pill where the female needs to take the pills for 21 days followed by her period, and then start another pack.

It also creates awareness about emergency contraception. For example, talking freely about protection failure, unprotected sex, birth control can help create awareness about products such as Mankind’s Unwanted 72, Emergency Contraceptive Pills, India’s No.1 Emergency contraceptive pill. This knowledge will directly result in fewer unwanted pregnancies.

  • Promote healthier sexual behaviours

No conversation around birth control is complete without discussing its role in the prevention of STDs or STIs. Talking freely about condoms means that we can educate individuals on how to use condoms to prevent the transmission of STDs and STIs.

  • Enables bodily autonomy

One of the biggest ways a female can practise body autonomy is by choosing if and when she wants to become pregnant. When birth control is discussed without shame, the females in society get a chance to learn how to protect their bodies without compromising their sex life.

Now that you know the importance of birth control, you can also become an advocate of the use of birth control and talk freely about it.


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