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Why Should You Consider Tablets to Avoid Pregnancy?

Why Should You Consider Tablets to Avoid Pregnancy?

While oral contraceptive tablets have been around for a while, their uses and effectiveness to avoid pregnancy are undermined due to a lack of awareness. 

Oral contraceptive tablets have been around for a long time. While there can be many good options to avoid pregnancy, these pills are one the most effective methods that give control to women in terms of choice and usage. Also known as birth control pills, they can be safe for most women.


How to Use? 

You can start using the Unwanted 21 Days, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet by swallowing one tablet daily. Start consuming the tablet from the first day of your menstrual cycle and regularly take the pill for 21 days, followed by seven days without taking the tablet. 


Storage and Safe Usage 

● Always store them in a cool and dry space away from sunlight.

● Keep the pills away from the reach of children.

● Consider consulting with your doctor before initiating the use.


Oral contraceptive pills are usually safe for regular usage for most women. However, women above the age of 35 years or those who regularly smoke or consume alcohol should access their risk with the help of expert consultations.


Possible Side Effects 

Some women may experience certain side effects after beginning to use oral contraceptive tablets. These side effects can be headaches, sore breasts, changes in menstrual cycles, nausea, spotting (brown discharge or bleeding between periods), cramps, etc.

However, these side effects generally go away after regular usage of 2-3 months. You can consider consulting your doctor to better deal with such side effects. 


Some women can even experience side effects like 


● Regular and lighter periods

● Good sleep cycle

● Lessening of cramps

● Lowering the risk of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and colon cancer

● Improving acne


The bottom line is that there are usually no dangerous or unmanageable side effects. Besides, stopping abruptly can increase the chances of an unplanned pregnancy.


Effectiveness of Birth Control Pill

Oral contraceptive tablets can be 99 per cent effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy if you ensure the following while taking them-


● Consistent usage without skipping even a single dose.

● Taking the pill at the same time every day. 


If you do miss a dose, take the missed tablet as soon as you remember. Then take the usual dose as planned and continue with your regular regime.


Remember, you should wait for at least seven days since beginning your medication to let the pill become effective in avoiding pregnancy. During this period, you can use another form of birth control, such as condoms.


With proper knowledge and awareness, you can safely use oral contraceptives tablets to avoid pregnancy for a long duration. After all, you should consider pregnancy only when you are physically and emotionally ready to enjoy parenthood.



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