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Women’s Day 2021: 7 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate this Year

Women’s Day 2021: 7 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate this Year

March 8 marks International Women’s Day! The day is celebrated worldwide to recognise women’s accomplishments in different fields and focus on empowerment and gender equality. With the annual event just around the corner, here are 7 meaningful ways to make women’s day special this year.

  • Quality Time with Mum

Mothers play a pivotal role in shaping our lives and make us better human beings. What better than spending quality time with the woman who has raised and nurtured you? Start by taking on all the household chores so that she can relax.  Surprise her with beautiful flowers, a handmade card, and cooking a scrumptious meal. You can also bond over a movie marathon at home, go shopping or enjoy a spa session together. Trust us, you’ll have tons of fun together, and she’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

  • Support Women-Owned businesses

Women are running companies that are generating great revenue and making huge contributions to the employment sector.  You can commemorate the day by supporting brands that are owned, controlled, and managed by women.  The simplest way is to explore local female-founded businesses.  And yes, don’t forget to leave a positive review or put in a good word on social media.

  • Encourage Other Women:

Do your bit by supporting the endeavours of other women.. If reading is a passion, visit a bookshop and buy a new book by a feminist icon. Alternatively, you can visit an art gallery to view an exhibition featuring works of a female artist. Consider splurging on an outfit by your favourite designer, downloading an App created by a woman, or streaming films written and directed by women.

  • Donate to a Good Cause

Many organisations are working to give women a new lease on life. Find an issue that touches your heart and donate to further the cause. It could be for domestic violence, heinous crimes, economic independence, human trafficking victims, etc.  Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and every rupee matters.

  • Self-Advocacy:

Perhaps the best way to celebrate Women’s Day is to understand your value and self-advocate. Whether it’s with children for speaking disrespectfully, harassment at the workplace, or home with your spouse, communicate what you want or need. Advocating for yourself may cause some anxiety, but you must speak up for the change to happen because it’s about what you deserve.

  • Indulge in Some Me-time

Think outside of the box and give yourself a real treat by spending the day alone. The little me-time will help breathe life into your soul. Take a break from your daily grind and do anything that makes you happy. It could be reading a book, trying out a new recipe, clicking random pictures, watching Netflix, indulging in spa therapy, or just lounging on the couch with comfort food.

  • Talk About Safe Sex Practices:

Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spread awareness about sexual health. While sex can be an uncomfortable topic to broach, it’s important. Access to sex education is crucial for women to make informed decisions and practise safe sex with proper protection.  While condoms can prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies, there are other types of contraception. Women can take control and delay motherhood by using Unwanted 21 Days, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet . It is a pack of oral birth control pills that are safe, effective, and have tons of health benefits.

We have shared 7 wonderful women’s day celebration ideas.  What’s your pick to honour the historical day this year? Do let us know in the comments!



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