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Women’s Empowerment: 5 Ways to Empower Women

Women’s Empowerment: 5 Ways to Empower Women

Even in the 21st century, when India is witnessing huge technological and lifestyle changes, a large section of women is still fighting for their basic rights, dignity, self-worth, and freedom to live on their terms and requirements. We cannot deny the fact that women are still to enjoy equal rights as men do. Their safety, health, nutrition, education, and freedom to work are often ignored compared to men. If we want sustainable growth for our nation, it is crucial to protect this important section of our society and make every effort to empower them.

Below are some ways to empower women in our society.


  • Promoting Education for Professional and Personal Development: The most basic thing needed for women’s empowerment is education. Every woman in rural and urban areas must have access to primary education at least so that they can independently do their routine jobs. Also, they must be encouraged to take up training sessions and higher education to develop the skillset for higher positions. Quality education can help women to develop themselves on a personal as well as professional front.
  • Promoting Awareness for Health Issues: Regular sessions and campaigns must be organized to create health awareness among women. They must be informed of their reproductive and family planning rights, health issues such as AIDS, cervical/breast cancer, and various maternal health issues common with women. They must be educated about contraceptive methods that put them in charge. For instance, Unwanted 21 Days, Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet empowers them to take motherhood decisions and not rely on male condoms.
  • Offering Job Opportunities and Decision-Making Roles: Women must be encouraged to take up job skills to earn their livelihood. Also, we must try to create more job opportunities and decision-making roles for women in different organizations and institutions to enhance their confidence and work capabilities.
  • Promoting a Safe and Secure Environment: It is a bitter truth that despite our society’s progress, we have failed to create a safe and secure environment for women. Many women, both from urban and rural backgrounds, often face assault, molestation, and violence at some point in their lives. We need to sensitize our society to help women feel safe and secure at their workplace, home, and elsewhere. Also, strict laws must be implemented by the government to ensure the safety of women.
  • Promote freedom, confidence, and self-worth: Finally, taking care of women’s emotional well-being is one of the significant ways to achieve women empowerment. We must empathize with women around us to help them realize their self-worth and gain confidence. Also, we must encourage them to enjoy their freedom of expression and make decisions that can help them realize their true worth and become self-reliant.

The true empowerment of women can help us further strengthen our society’s significant pillars and uplift our nation to the next level.


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