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Your Love Needs To Be Understanding.

Your Love Needs To Be Understanding.

Most men look forward to being married or at the very least, to having that special woman in their lives. Someone they can share their lives with, their joys, sorrows, successes and disappointments, the ups and downs with. Someone who accepts them as they are and for whom they are. Someone who they can lean on. Someone who loves them unconditionally and who isn’t their mother.

Women want the same things too. But most of all, they want someone who can understand them and let them make their own choices in life. Someone who also lets them make their own decisions and then respects them enough to accept those decisions.  Just like a woman become your best friend and confidant, she looks up to you to become those for her too. Someone she can trust to do the right thing by her and support her. It doesn’t matter what area of life she needs that support in, it’s important that you do.

More often than not, men are quite vocal about how supportive they are of their wives or significant others. But when it comes to planning a family, they succumb to parental or peer pressure. They are afraid to be a visible support system in this area. And this is when women need their support the most. By refusing to understand why a woman wants to wait for children or refusing to support her, you are taking away her fundamental right – Her control over her own body. By doing so, you are just treating her like a child-bearing machine. How is that loving and supportive? Think about it. When you take away her right to choose and refuse to respect her choice, are you being supportive, loving, understanding, even fulfilling your duty as a husband? Put yourself in her shoes and give it a thought. The answers you get may surprise you.


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